Dec 09, 14:57 pm
Purposely Greener Infrastructure

The Victorian Government is committed to optimising the use of recycled and reused Victorian materials across all rail and road construction through t...

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Jul 23, 09:28 am
Sustainability Victoria's "Buy Recycled" directory is live!

Sustainability Victoria have launch their new online directory, Buy Recycled, which features local products containing recycled content. The tool i...

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Jun 12, 14:07 pm
matX has hit ISCA's iSupply Directory!!!

matX is listed in Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia's Isupply Directory: copy and paste the URL:

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Jan 30, 11:06 am
Construction’s levy-free waste ride

It could be because landfill levies are cheap, or non-existent. New Zealand has a waste problem we’ve been busy burying. Per capita we have one of t...

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Dec 17, 12:21 pm
More than a “dating site for dirt” – smart technology that all rail operators need to know about

The rail industry generates thousands of tonnes of construction waste per annum and just a fraction of this is diverted from landfills, to be recycled...

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Oct 11, 05:32 am
NZ: Environmentalists launch a 'game-changer' to tackle mountains of building and demolition waste

A new green "ecolabel" has been launched to help tackle the truckloads of construction and demolition waste going to New Zealand landfills. Researc...

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Oct 11, 05:29 am
Why not reuse millions of tonnes of Australian waste?

matX's article on Linked in: Recent focus in Australia has been centered on the recycling industry, however there is good reason to look upstream...

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Sep 10, 09:13 am
We create 20m tons of construction industry waste each year. Here’s how to stop it going to landfill

The Australian construction industry has grown significantly in the past two decades. Population growth has led to the need for extensive property dev...

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Sep 02, 11:58 am
Lego produced its first sustainable Lego bricks in 2018

Lego has started producing a range of sustainable pieces made from plant-based plastic sourced from sugarcane. The new sustainable Lego ‘botanical’ e...

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Aug 27, 11:18 am
Track donation gives fresh momentum to Yarra Valley Railway

Level Crossing Removal Project founded a Material Reuse Working Group (MRWG). Key stakeholders included MTM, PTV (which represented Tourist and Herit...

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