Dec 17, 12:21 pm

More than a “dating site for dirt” – smart technology that all rail operators need to know about

The rail industry generates thousands of tonnes of construction waste per annum and just a fraction of this is diverted from landfills, to be recycled, reused, reprocessed or stockpiled. This level of wastage is more than just an environmental and economic concern; it’s a major missed financial opportunity for businesses, highlights Jack Manning Sustainability Lead for South Eastern Program Alliance, Level Crossing Removal Project. “Whether pulling material out of the ground in digging activities, or dealing with the removal of rail systems when relocating or upgrading services, it’s not just materials we’re throwing away, it’s often a significant financial asset for our client,” he says ahead of AusRail PLUS 2019. “Virtually every material we might normally consider for the tip is an opportunity for value creation, as well as a chance to make a positive environmental impact.” Whilst many organisations recognise the potential for recycling or reuse of their construction materials or debris, to date there hasn’t always been a viable way to do it, says Cherie Lee, Founding Director of matX. To read more of Amy Sarcevic's article from 27 Nov 2019 go to:

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