Hi folks,

Like you, we’re seeking better ways to use the resources we already have.

The construction and demolition sector believe this is an area of substantial commercial opportunity.  However, it in practice, this has been particularly challenging because of project-based work, high speed delivery, and highly mobile workforces.  

Existing methods have meant that the effort put into resource reuse and recycling has not been equal to the return, making it difficult to maintain momentum.  Simply put, there is plenty of will, but we didn’t have the right tools.

The problem of HOW TO CREATE SUBSTIANIAL VALUE FROM SUSTAINABLE PRACTICE? got hold of our imagination back in 2018 and became the motivation to develop technology that supports industry collaboration and value creation. 

Our start point was to develop a product that addressed the practical barriers that were getting in the way.  These include not enough time, poor sector visibility, highly mobile workforce, team accessibly and data capture.  Our goal was to reposition sustainable practice from overhead to profit so it could be driven by both commercial and sustainability teams.

The journey has been full on and gave us no choice but to CHANGE UP traditional marketplace platform, decouple functionality and add a whole lot more functionality.  This was done because we needed a smarter tool that specifically addressed the barriers that have been stopping higher value resource use.  The platform was made flexible so it could evolve with sector and government requirements, including the need for near real time data and insights.  Then it was put all back together in a way that would be accessible and so user friendly you and the team can learn how to use it in 10 minutes.

The result is matX, goods and materials exchange.  Technology shaped by our sector for our sector.

Development continues – we are currently working with our industry partners on the next tranche.  This hasn’t stopped our users starting to innovate with matX in ways we hadn’t imagined!

The circular economy is now possible.  And it’s about to get exciting.

Kind regards,

Cherie and the matX team