Creating substantial value from sustainable practice


matX is a combination of e-commerce and business systems.

Our purpose is to help you keep all types of resources in use and at their highest value.

matX is different. It has been designed to mitigate the biggest challenges stopping better resource use including sector visibility, high speed delivery and mobile workforces.

By working together, a commercially driven circular economy is now possible.


  • salvage value from stockpiled or surplus material
  • identify assets to extract or deconstruct assets for reuse instead of waste
  • facilitate succession planning for temporary works resources
  • trickle down resources through the sector
  • procure cheaper material
  • demonstrate compliance
  • evidence sustainability targets
  • build data sets for continuous improvements and further innovation
  • save people time and effort
  • facilitate project team collaboration, and
  • obtain ISCA IS credits including for innovation.

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